../On Addiction and Temptation

August 29, 2022 • 2 min

Many in our world are struggling with different kinds of addictions. In this blog, I will only focus on those that do not have physical habituation (e.g., food, porn, sex, social media, etc.). Luckily, I learned my lesson from the category of those simpler ones, which is why I am going to talk only about those.

Every addict who’s trying to overcome an addiction is aware of temptation: “To do or not to do.” On the whole, it seems very obvious - don’t like something, just don’t do it then. But then your weeks-long streak is flushed down the toilet in a matter of seconds - a relapse. Every addiction has a chain of instructions you have to follow in order to relapse. For example, let’s talk about food addiction, first, you get a temptation, then you have to stand up, go to a car, drive to the place, order, and finally, relapse. In this whole chain of events, you had to just break one link. Yet it was fully your conscious decision to go through so much effort to relapse.

This whole prelude was towards the main question: do you want salvation or subconsciously you still find pleasure in it? I see these people all over internet forums, and they all cry about how their addiction hurts them - I am one of those people. There are piles upon piles of videos on YouTube on how to overcome addiction X. After I relapsed, I would go on the hours-long journey on the internet trying to find the “magical” “5 steps to overcome the addiction” or “simple trick to give up addiction once and for all.” But my hypocrisy would not let me see the answer that was staring in my face the whole time - if you really want to overcome an addiction, just don’t do it. There are no magical steps, there is only you and the chain of effort you decided to execute.

Stop crying about how you just can’t do it and it’s beyond your control. I will stop. If you’re regretting it and craving freedom from it so much, then why did you do it last time? Maybe because your decision to put a stop to it was not final, and you still find pleasure in it?

It’s like stabbing your hand with a knife and not stopping. Going to the hospital and crying about how painful it is, how it damages you physically and mentally, and how you just can’t stop stabbing your hand. “It’s so bad you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.” It clearly hurts you, but why do you keep stabbing your hand?